Eternal Flow device is portable generator/player - player, that creates music.

Device produces endless stream of music in several styles, resets without pause, has Track and Mix modes.

Analog output: 3.5mm jack

Digital output: coaxial SPDIF

Turn the rotary knob to change music speed.

Short press on rotary knob to Pause/Play.

Long press and release rotary knob to reset (go to new track).

Change little switch position to select generating mode - Mix or Track. (Mix position is close to rotary knob) In Mix mode main theme changes after every 3-4 minutes and synth's parts can begin right after theme start, so it sounds like endless mix. In Track mode one theme will continue for ~12 min and main synth turning on not right after start. Track mode is good for recording track from device's output.

If you want to use the device 100% then you need Eternal Flow Manager phone app to control the device (app is free).

1. You can select music style from the app.

2. Select device's output.

3. Update generator algorithms from EF site if they are available.

4. Change device's wifi connections.

How to connect:

1. Go to phone settings and setup a WiFi hotspot with EF device's predefined name and password.

2. Check if the device became visible for your phone.

3. Start the app and scan for available devices. After that you can control recognized devices.

4. Also you can use app to create new WiFi connections on device and remove predefined one.

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